Television as our collective memory.

The capture of 20 authentic & unforgettable stories.
A: Reportage
For: Swiss Television (RTS)
In: Winter 2016-2017
With: With direction & production
Client testimonial
Since this project is pretty new & that everybody is very busy, this part isn’t ready yet !
Swiss Television (RTS)
Secrétaire général Design & Promotion
How it all started
Swiss national television has been the witness and chronicler of news since 1954, bringing the stories that make up world history into our homes on a daily basis. They wanted to promote the importance of this role and asked us to help them bring society’s collective memory to the forefront through the testimonials of the men and women who were there.
Move the audience
A few words. An expression. The emotion is tangible. Each person takes us back to a moment in time that has left an indelible impression on their mind. Their history, our history, the history of humanity. Enough to give you goosebumps and shivers down your spine.
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Super close-up
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Awesome traveling
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The legend on set.
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Dino, the new host of Infrarouge
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A souvenir picture for Dino's mom
Team insight
Gabriel Saurer
Production director
I have a lot of respect and admiration for the RTS. So co-producing and directing such a big project with them, the people that inspire you, puts you under a lot of pressure. You hope like he** that you are going to live up to and surpass their expectations. Now that we’ve got the series under our belt and ready to air on TV and the web, I can say that everything went smoothly, the collaboration was a success and it was a fabulous experience.
Gabriel Saurer
Production director
Guillaume Mégroz
We all grew up watching the RTS and now we had the opportunity to produce some content for them! That was one big WOW for us. We had three elements: narratives, archives and the RTS. The challenge was finding a formula that would fit all three into 45 second spots that would tell the whole story and create emotional ties with the audience. Not easy to pull off in such a short timeframe unless you are working with the journalist Tania Chytil. She was brilliant at spotting the key elements in each subject and prompting the narrators to get to the heart of their memories in very few words.
Guillaume Mégroz
Focus on : Creative direction
We decided to keep every aspect of our creative direction as simple as possible. Full focus was placed on the individual with no distractions coming from superfluous props. Dino Berguglia’s great eye for framing served to capture the emotional element we were looking for in each testimonial.

RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) - Client - Direction & RTS - Co-production
Tania Chytil - Journalist
Dino Berguglia - Direction of photography
Tinjany Bacci, Lighthouse production - Original music
OneCut (Onésia and Arthur Lehmann) - Sound recording

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