Did someone say wild?

A unique production experience creating a craving for raving
A: Motion
For: Paleo & Couleur3
In: July 2016
With: Shooting, animation & very little sleep
Client testimonial
Travailler avec Messieurs.ch c’est d’abord une rencontre de professionnels passionnés. Toujours à l’écoute des objectifs et capables de développer un concept pertinent rapidement, ils ont apporté aux Concerts Sauvages une vision moderne et très appréciée du public cible de Couleur 3, provoquant un bel engagement. Respect des délais (même si les heures de sommeil doivent en pâtir), sens du dialogue, gestion du stress, la collaboration devient une aventure harmonieuse où chacun trouve sa place pour le bien du projet. Sur le terrain, c’est une équipe toujours prête à relever le défi avec créativité, inventivité, réflexion et implication. Il fallait beaucoup de professionnalisme pour livrer une vidéo filmée sur le terrain chaque jour avec énormément de contraintes et qui soit originale et audacieuse. Nous sommes fiers de cette collaboration entre la RTS, Paléo et ces « Gentlemen ».
Willy Dezelu
Senior Marketing Manager at RTS
How it all started
We’d just wrapped up Montreux Jazz Festival and were looking forward to a couple of slow days when the phone rang. It was Couleur3, looking for a video agency for some work at Paléo. To hell with slowing down. The pressure was on again and that’s the way we like it.
Move the audience
There were two things that we wanted to accomplish. One, make sure everybody feels like they were actually at the "Concerts Sauvages", even if they missed it for the sake of a beer or whatever else was keeping them busy. And two, make sure everybody that watched the videos would say to themselves and their buddies, “There is no way I am going to miss the next one”. So how do you create that feeling of “I was there”? The cameraman has to get right into the music, body and soul, moving the camera to the beat and catching spectator and performer emotion. It’s a fine balance between invading the stage to get the performance perspective and melding with the crowd to give your footage authenticity and emotional depth.
case study image
Julian and his strong arms
case study image
The fastest way to go from a point to another during the festival
case study image
Check out the screens in front of that huge crowd !
case study image
Almost impossible to stay awake at some point in the night
case study image
Super-Lazer-Baby, X-men are looking for him.
case study image
Magical music particles all around
Team insight
Julian Zimmermann
On the cameras & editing
This type of project is very enriching for us, especially when co-producing with two major players such as the RTS and Paléo. We set the bar pretty high with our “on the wild side” creative proposal. And in spite of the lack of sleep, the content we were producing in less than a day was so exciting that we were up and running with exactly the same motivation the next day.
Julian Zimmermann
On the cameras & editing
Guillaume Mégroz
On the animation
The concerts started around 5 or 6PM. The first shots started coming in at around 8PM and I had until 7 or 8 the next morning to finish animating everything and delivering. Would I do it again? Without a doubt, just don’t tell my girlfriend I said that.
Guillaume Mégroz
On the animation
Focus on : Making it special
Anyone can film a concert and do some cool editing, but we wanted to take our videos to the next level. Even though we were under tough time constraints with next-morning delivery deadlines, we made sure that each video was out of the ordinary and unique. Good content that is of interest to the audience is key to keeping them watching. Good content for Couleur3 and Paléo fans meant frenetic rhythm, bespoke animation overlays and one crazy dude telling the story.

Fact: We dedicated about 20 post-production hours to each episode, with a time span of only 12 hours between the shoot and delivery.

RTS - Client
Messieurs.ch - Direction
Messieurs.ch - Co-production
Paléo - Co-production
Couleur 3 - Co-production
Messieurs.ch - Post-production
Mattias Breitholtz - Additional motion design
Thomas Stahel - Sound design

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