Economy with a twist

Interactive learning through motion design and storytelling
A: Motion
For: economiesuisse
In: April 2015
With: Creative direction, animation & storytelling
Client testimonial
"Explain what Switzerland has at stake in European politics, through a dynamic and informative yet slightly off-beat, interactive video. That was the brief we gave to in the context of our information campaign “For an open and sovereign Switzerland”. In spite of the complexity of the dossier, we needed to illustrate in a simple manner, that openness and not isolation is the key to Switzerland’s strength. The result is spectacular and took us by surprise. The team at produced a small masterpiece of which we are particularly proud. Creative, competent, very perceptive and capable of providing solutions within an agreed deadline, we are extremely happy to have worked with them and look forward to giving them new projects in the future."
Carmelo Lagana
Suppléant Romand | Responsable de projets | économie extérieure
How it all started
A call on a cold winter day in 2015 was the beginning of a great working relationship between ourselves and EconomieSuisse. They were elaborating a national economics campaign and were looking for a new angle to present their arguments. There was so much material that our thoughts turned immediately to interactivity coupled with motion design, to facilitate navigation through the subject. After some hard scouting and endless screen-tests, we found the "personality" we needed to give the right tone to the video. The project was on.
Move the audience
I’m not sure we’ve ever faced a more complex subject. But we went for it, our brains working overtime to collect, assimilate and organise a mass of information. We made a list of everything we found complicated and then added a column with all the ways we could represent each item as clearly and simply as possible; an essential exercise if you want to reach a large audience. The tone of the video was just as important. To counterbalance the complexity and seriousness of the content, and to keep people clicking through for more, we opted for a great speaker, animated iconography, a script with a twist and a shooting location that would steer us well clear of the conference room cliché.
case study image
Preparing the stage
case study image
All set
case study image
Can't go to fast on these rails
case study image
You just know he's the producer
case study image
Trying to take a picture after the SWPF
Team insight
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director
“How do you make Swiss and European economy sexy? How do you turn a dry subject into a memorable, fun learning experience? From day one, icons seemed the best way to go. They would allow us to be accurate, playful and would create visual interest. However, we didn’t just want motion designed icons floating about in mid-air, we wanted to create a link between the learning and discovery aspects of the video. That is where the desk comes in as a prop for the content. It reminded us of our school days (yes we did go to school), with the teacher at the desk, explaining things out of our textbooks.”
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director
Nathan Saurer
Creative Director
“What a great challenge this was. We assembled the perfect mix of talents, sat down and spent hours working out every minute detail: from artistic direction to music selection, from the stamps on the desk to what bow tie Yvan should wear. I’m really proud of this project, not only because the entire production went so smoothly, but more importantly, we had so much fun making it.“
Nathan Saurer
Creative Director
Focus on : Motion design
We flew world class motion-designer and friend, Jonas Mosesson, in from Sweden to create the animated icons. Jonas and Guillaume, our own motion-designer, had already worked together on lots of projects, so after a big hug and a few laughs, they got right down to making their art. They produced 120 amazing icons for this interactive video, from a tiny potato to a Swiss army tank. They were so good that we ended up being published by BNN, Inc. International Tokyo and won the Jury Award at the Swiss Web Program Festival. Big up to Jonas and Guillaume!

economiesuisse - Client - Direction
Yvan Richardet - Actor
Marie Romanens - Stylisme
Thomas Stahel - Sound
Jonas Mosseson - Lead Motion Designer - Cameras
Jury Award - Swiss web program festival. Category: Actu - Magazine - Politique
Infographical Illustrations and Icons, BNN, Inc. International Tokyo

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