A virtual learning experience

The future of hospitality
A: Commercial
For: EHL
In: the summer of 2016
With: co-direction, production, motion-design, a lot of key-lighting
Client testimonial
We worked with the Messieurs.ch team for the creation of marketing videos showcasing how hospitality could look like in the future. We greatly appreciated Messieurs.ch’ flexibility in accommodating our requirements and constraints. Messieurs.ch’ deep understanding of millennials, their excellent capabilities in 3D animation and their focus on top quality outputs, enabled us to obtain videos that appeal to our audience of 16-25 year olds and reflect our brand value of excellence.
Véronique Malan,
Marketing Director
How it all started:
L’Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne have imagined a whole new world of hospitality. All they needed was someone that could turn that imaginary world into a tangible visual experience. We’d already produced two commercials showcasing these virtual concepts, and were delighted by the prospect of working on a third, where we could push their vision to even greater heights.
Captivate the audience :
Listening is a skill that is highly prized at Messieurs.ch. It allows us to understand the client’s ideas and aspirations, expand and build up a concept. The choice of venue, actress, staging, sound and animation created the atmosphere we needed to, make the audience identify with the student, follow her into this fascinating, virtual world powered by completely transparent technology and plant the seed of desire that says “I want this to be real. I want this to be me”.
case study image
Guillaume pretending he's setting up the camera
case study image
User interface designed by Shadya and Cyril
case study image
Just to show you that we do work with big cameras too
case study image
Green screening like we're in Hollywood
case study image
Started from nothing!
Team insight
Gabriel Saurer
producer and co-director
These crazy kind of challenges always inspire us. So we launched ourselves full speed ahead into this complex project on our search for the perfect venue and the perfect team. The tough part started with the “greening out” of the bay windows. Over 20 metres of glass had to be covered from the outside with tarpaulin. This would be the post-production team’s future playground of effects!
Gabriel Saurer
producer and co-director
Cyril Jaunin
Motion Designer
All elements of the interface were mapped out, built and animated in advance, so that Diana, the actress, could play out her role with serenity, simply following the guidelines displayed on the glass. The interface had to be elegant and represent the latest trends in ergonomics in order to reflect EHL’s values of excellence, sobriety and luxury. What I found hardest, was rendering the selection of locations as attractive as possible, while still making the menu choices visible even when they are displayed for a fraction of a second only.
Cyril Jaunin
Motion Designer
Focus on : Living the experience through sound
Wind. Wave. City bustle. Music. Rhythm. Sound and image were carefully orchestrated to draw the spectator into the virtual environment, to live the experience as if it were the real thing. Bespoke sound effects were created for the interfaces on glass surfaces. The soft clicks, whirrs and slides lend a user-friendly and authentic dimension to the whole.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne - Client
Messieurs.ch - Director
Simon Wannaz - Director
Dino Berguglia - Director of Photography
Messieurs.ch - Co-Production
Noich VFX - VFX
Lucien Keller - VFX
Messieurs.ch - Motion Design
Thomas Stahel - Sound Design
Nil Henchoz - Gaffer
Marie Romanens - Stylist

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