50 years of Montreux Jazz Festival

A musical journey through time
A: Interactive
For: Montreux Jazz Festival
In: February 2016
With: Creative direction, concept development, illustration and animation
Client testimonial
“Working with Messieurs.ch has been a great experience. Not only are they incredibly professional, but also their creativity goes beyond what companies expect in terms of content creation. In addition, they were always completely transparent and open to exchanging ideas which was of great benefit to all. They are without a doubt the best partner to enhance the value of your content.”
Isabel Sànchez and Marine Dumas
Creative Content, AV Production, Web and New Media
How it all started
For their 50th anniversary, Montreux Jazz was looking to do something special to celebrate. They got in touch with us and a meeting was set up with Mathieu Jaton, MJF CEO. That first meeting was intense and our suggestion of turning 50 years of history into an interactive video experience was met with enthusiasm. Everyone present sensed that it would be a perfect fit.
Move the audience
Archives, images, songs, articles and footage, the Montreux Jazz Festival is a real gold mine! The audiovisual collection, recognized by UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, took us deep into the heart of Claude Nobs vision and work of a lifetime. We had to honour that memory and find a way to share it all with the rest of the world.
case study image
GRAND prix de la création romand - Web and mobile category
case study image
The structure build for the 50th anniversary of the MJF
case study image
A structure full of history
case study image
Building it up
Team insight
Nathan Saurer
Creative Director
This was one gigantic project. The whole team got right on board, worked their heads off and kept their composure under a great deal of pressure. Looking back at what we achieved in just 3 months time, I have to say that I am proud. Thanks to everyone at Messieurs.ch and to Montreux Jazz Festival for giving us this fabulous opportunity to work with them.
Nathan Saurer
Creative Director
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director
Working with archives and in particular with stills (photos, posters, newspapers, etc.) is every art director’s dream. All that grain and dust and texture give richness, authenticity and depth to your visuals. We were all in designer heaven, researching and experimenting until we had our motion design templates down pat. Once that was done, each editor could use the templates as a personal playground. This approach gave us control while encouraging creativity. The result is a carefully orchestrated ensemble of distinctive and unique films.
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director
Focus on : Interactivity
Interactive video is ideal for managing huge amounts of content, in particular when the content is composed of several different mediums. It is both a full length feature and a series of bite-sized morsels, meaning the audience gets to decide how, when and what they want to watch. The variety, complexity and sheer quantity of material we had to work with in order to design and build this interactive video made for a very exciting and rewarding project.

Montreux Jazz Festival - Client
Messieurs.ch - Direction
Messieurs.ch - Conception
Montreux Jazz Festival - Production
Simon Wannaz - Totem CGI
Provided by Montreux Jazz Festival - Music
Thomas Stahel - Sound Design
Messieurs.ch - Sound Design
Special thanks !
The making of this video was possible thanks to many years of work and collaboration between the Claude Nobs Foundation, the EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and the RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse.

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