Beauty, safety and high tech

Building belief in the perfect product
A: Commercial
For: Scott Sports
In: April 2016
With: Creative direction & concept development
Client testimonial
“At SCOTT, we have worked with numerous film and motion picture companies, but have never come across one with as much creativity, dedication and professionalism as Messieurs. They spent enough time with us to completely understand our needs and wishes in the briefing and from there went on to deliver a video with an unprecedented level of creativity and attention to detail. It was so well received that similar videos will now be produced for other products as well. This young, dynamic and highly motivated team shows some serious potential for the future.”
Lionel Girardin
Senior Marketing Manager at Scott Sports
How it all started
We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Scott Sports on a number of projects in the past. So when Shaun (Equipment Line Marketing Coordinator) gave us a description of one of their latest products and asked us if we thought we could bring it to life, we were immediately inspired. The product was a beauty and we would be given carte blanche to come up with a concept that would make a great commercial. What more could we ask for? Of course we said yes.
Move the audience
Creating viewer buy-in when a product could possibly be perceived as an everyday, off-the-shelf item is challenging. We had to make sure that the audience would walk away from this commercial thinking, “This product is a gem. It looks good and it will keep me safe.” So we paid special attention to the footage, enhancing it with motion design, lighting and colour, then accentuating the whole with a strong soundtrack. As the images unfold to reveal this helmet’s perfect design, the voiceover completes the ensemble, explaining the technology that makes this product so extraordinary.
case study image
First light test
case study image
Colored reflections
case study image
Footage shoot in studio
case study image
Exploded view and heat flows
case study image
Money shot full CGI
case study image
Shooting in the wind tunnel
case study image
Close-up studio for details
case study image
Shooting footage in studio
Team insight
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director
We started with Nathan’s footage, shot in the tunnel. It was inspiring, playing with reflections on the helmets and using the heatmap colours seen on screen during the ventilation tests. That’s how we keep it authentic, living the experience and then drawing from it. From there, we added subtle touches of colour to enhance atmosphere and emphasise strength, performance and the high-end feel of the product.
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director
Nathan Saurer
Creative Director
The ventilation tunnel in Milano was amazing. We immediately saw the potential and the challenge it presented as a shooting location. When they flipped the switch, we were stunned, as excited as a couple of kids at the airport for the first time. The noise was massive and we knew that this was going to be a huge shoot. Everything went super smooth, but next time we’ll know to bring some extra weight, to keep our equipment from flying out of the tunnel :)
Nathan Saurer
Creative Director
Focus on : Sound design and sound composition
Audio can make or break a presentation video. The style, the beat, the melding of sound with image can work magic on the audience. So we were thrilled to have FelderMelder (Swiss composer) and Thomas Stahel (Sound Designer) on board. Together they worked their magic, FelderMedler coming up with the perfect tone to envelope image and dialogue, and Thomas adding the final touches of sound design.

Hey, if you put on your best headset or plug in to a good sound system, close your eyes and listen, you won’t even need the images to see the product in your mind.

Scott Sports - Client - Direction - Co-production
Christophe Margot - Co-production - Camera
Christophe Margot - Camera
Nicolas Jutzi - Camera
Simon Wannaz - Opening scene and CGI
Manuel Oberholzer - Original music
Thomas Stahel - Sound design

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