Logitech MX Vertical

How it all started

Every one of us at grew up with Logitech: a household name that has become part of our vocabulary, part of our creative culture. When the news spread through the office that we would be making a commercial to launch the MX Vertical mouse, their latest invention, the excitement was palpable. We all wanted to be a part of this project. Badly.

Move the audience

Comfort. Logitech has come up with a mouse that feels “oh so right” in the palm of your hand. Easy to understand once you’ve tried it on for size, not so easy if you just look at it. Our visuals, animation and sound (thank you Zelig!) had to come together to convey the perfect ergonomics of the MX Vertical that put hand and wrist to rest, even as you work.

Team insights

Gabriel Saurer
Production Director
4 intense days of shooting, our favourite Swede as the DOP and an incredible design team to take care of the scenography, props, wardrobes and everything in between. Probably one of the biggest productions we’ve worked on and definitely one of the funnest, thanks to our close collaboration with the Logitech team.
Gabriel Saurer
Production Director
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director
Working with Logitech is an exhilarating experience. They always set out very clear objectives from the start so we know exactly where they want to go. Then they just let us get on with it, constantly pushing our creative limits to the max. Exhausting? Without a doubt. Rewarding? It couldn’t be better.
Guillaume Mégroz
Art Director

Focus on: ergonomics

The first time you see the MX vertical mouse you might think you are looking at a piece of sculpture. When you actually get your hands on it and start using it, you realise that it is more than just a work of a art, it is a breakthrough in ergonomic design. The comfort of a perfect fit and a look at Logitech’s approach to product innovation drove our artistic direction from start to finish.


Client - Logitech
Direction -
Production -
DOP - Joe Maples
Music and sound-design - Zelig Sound
Grading - Swiss
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