Future urban development in the Canton of Vaud

1/3 Protect the farmland
2/3 Densifiy the centres
3/3 Use the reserves
“Present the current urban development challenges in less than 3 minutes is the mission that took on with style. From a mere text presenting the principal changes to urban development legislation, they were able to create an original setting and the appropriate tone that brought the subject from dry and technical to lively and accessible to all. This simplification process largely owes its success to the agency’s creativity, professionalism and engagement throughout the project.”
Patrick Genoud

Communication advisor

How it all started

How do you turn such a seemingly overwhelming and complex subject into something that the general public can get its teeth into? That is the challenge the Urban Development Department of the State of Vaud handed over to us. So we decided to make something that WE could get our teeth into. Yes, you heard us right: Our team was a perfect example of the public we needed to target for this video. Our entire concept was based on the simplification of the message to demonstrate the importance of structured growth throughout the Canton. To steer clear of a self-righteous “we know best” tone, we placed the focus on the issues and the consequences, to help the audience make an informed decision when it came time to vote.

Captivate the audience

For each video, images were to be the key element for captivating the audience. This led us to the conclusion that we had to build each visual from scratch and by hand, using various techniques: paper cutting, wood installations, collages and plays on perspective. Our friends at Get-It Studio, to whom we owe the paper-based sets, gave us a hand when working with various materials to create unique sets for each scene. Once the visuals were ready, we added an important element: animation, to give structure and weight to our dialogue..
Draw, cut, fold, glue, draw, cut, fold, glue...
Our friends Get It Studio making the magic
Tetris parts
Homemade board to clip our small pieces
La Bricole at work

Team insights

Art director
Working on such a demanding topic requires a deep understanding of the subject. The initial document that served as the basis for the narrative was pages long and full of schemas explaining the paradigm. It took us 10 versions before we were satisfied that we had finally got the content down to the bare essentials we needed to start on the fun part: imagining, drawing, visualising and building everything by hand. We couldn’t wait to get started on our voyage to the land of DIY bliss...
Art director

Focus on : Crafting

In the past years, video content has slowly moved away from physical material. That’s the main reason we wanted all our imagery to be “real” and made by hand. Scene 1 is a particularly good example of the non-virtual reality we wanted to create. We called on Get-It Studio, experts in visual installations made from paper. They took care of the design, cutting, assembly and collage of each object, in this case 60 carrots! Once the forms were in place, they used a clever combination of visual techniques to bring the carrots to life: nylon strings, pulleys, counterweights and magnets to make things move. A masterpiece...


Client - Etat de Vaud - SDT
Direction -
Post-production -
Writing -, Etat de Vaud
Set-design - Get-It Studio,
Scenery - Richard Ammann - La Bricole
Sound-design - Thomas Stahel - 2Pop
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