The Museum of Street Harassment

Case study
“The city of Lausanne worked with on the street harassment awareness campaign called “MdHR: ouverture au plus vite” (The Museum of Street Harassment: Opening as soon as possible). Yann Marguet and understood the complexity of the street harassment problem and treated it with creativity, allowing us to heighten public awareness on this sensitive theme. The concept they proposed to use was original and convinced the City and its partners. They tackled the challenge of encouraging reflection on the subject with brio; rendering it accessible, upbeat, instructive and funny. led this pioneer project to success, paying particular attention to the needs and constraints of the City and its partners, launching a full campaign around the theme. They produced coherent, complementary and esthetically remarkable visuals that can be used for future awareness activities linked to street harassment. We are extremely satisfied with this fruitful collaboration.”
Pierre-Antoine Hildbrand

Municipal Councillor in charge of security and economics for the city of Lausanne

How it all started

We built the project team on a volunteer basis. Those that felt a real connection to the subject were on-boarded directly. Then came the brainstorming sessions, working in close collaboration with Yann Marguet to find the right communication angle and come up with a concept. Subject matter this sensitive needs to be handled with care and reflection. It took us some time, but when we finally came up with the idea that street harassment should belong to the past, we knew we were onto something with great potential.

Move the audience

Telling people what is right and wrong is such a turn off and definitely not our style. Instead, we like to tell stories that people can relate to, that are recognisable, that get you thinking. Using the power of suggestion to open the door to the viewer’s imagination has more punch than preaching from a pedestal.
Animated posters are displayed in every subway stations of Lausanne
A small part of the crew, did you know it took us 2 days to shoot this?
Feeling the pressure
Location scouting can be disappointing sometimes

Team insights

Creative Director
Lausanne gave us plenty of time to conceptualise this project. It was a real change of pace for us and such a luxury to be able to work within a comfortable timespan. When Cyril found this amazing museum idea after 4 long brainstorming sessions, we all slapped our foreheads and thought “But of course!”, it seemed THAT obvious. This is a perfect example of the great return you get when you invest the time. It is always, without exception, worth it.
Creative Director
Yann Marguet got in touch with us shortly after Lausanne asked him if he could treat the street harassment subject along the same lines as his well known radio show, “Les Orties”; with humour, honesty and consideration. We accepted with enthusiasm of course but decided that this project could and should be more ambitious. After many hours of reflection, everything fell into place. It was evident, obvious, that we had to make a museum in a world where street harassment was a thing of the past. This utopian place in the future became our personal playground where we could reveal the absurdity of street harassment through humour and with finesse.

Focus on : A story in a campaign

Posters, flyers, a website and a video. Each medium tells a part of the story. The poster announces the museum grand opening. The flyer acts as an invitation to the opening. The video IS the museum, showcasing the unacceptable behaviour patterns “of the past”. The website is the museum grounds, hosting all the campaign material, the campaign intentions and solutions for fighting street harassment.


Writing - Yann Marguet
Direction -
DOP - David Baumann
Gaffer - Claudio Artieda
Clothing - Marie Romanens
Make-up - Elisabeth peclard
Set design - Shadya Bruttin, Hélène Spycher, Richard Ammann
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