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Carbon Cycling Shoe
Twinloc Suspension
D3o technology
Cadence & Centric Helmets
“At SCOTT, we have worked with numerous film and motion picture companies, but have never come across one with as much creativity, dedication, and professionalism as Messieurs. They spent enough time with us to completely understand our needs and wishes in the briefing and from there went on to deliver a video with an unprecedented level of creativity and attention to detail. It was so well received that similar videos will now be produced for other products as well. This young, dynamic and highly motivated team shows some serious potential for the future.”
Lionel Girardin

Senior Marketing Manager at Scott Sports

How it all started

It doesn’t matter how often Scott Sports asks us to work on a new promotional film, our inspiration never wavers. How could it, with products that are so beautifully designed and engineered and just begging to be brought to life? Of course we say yes, every time.

Move the audience

Creating viewer buy-in when products could possibly be perceived as everyday, off-the-shelf items is challenging. We have to make sure that the audience is going to walk away from these commercials straight to the nearest supplier, thinking, “These products are gems. They look great, they will enhance my performance, I need them now.”
Carbon shoes early storyboard
First reflection tests
Animatic frames
Inside view
First styleframes from Simon Wannaz
Wind tunnel
Mini macro studio
Installing studio

Team insights

Guillaume Mégroz
Art director
While Nathan is busy concocting a new recipe, I’m looking at the banquet spread. Every piece has to be in the right place to convey harmony and pazazz. Complexity has to be rendered accessible through beauty. So when the feast unfolds and the guests say wow and want to try everything, I guess you could say that’s the icing on the cake.
Guillaume Mégroz
Art director
Nathan Saurer
Creative director
When we start working on a new project for Scott I bring up a mental image of what's already on the table, what we've already produced. I pull out the recipe book in my mind, flip to page ”Scott”, take a look at the ingredients to make sure I’ve got the right mix in mind: colour, motion, lighting, sound, narrative, and I’m ready to start cooking.
Nathan Saurer
Creative director

Focus on : Brand coherence

Tracing a visual and emotional connection between one product and the next is always a priority. The bond has to be built so that the audience will be brought to recognize and identify with Scott, from the first frame to the last, in each individual video and in all the videos as a whole.


Client - Scott Sports
Direction -
Co-production -, Christophe Margot
Camera -, Christophe Margot, Nicolas Jutzi, Simon Wannaz
Music composition - Manuel Oberholzer
Sound design - Thomas Stahel
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